What you need to know when building or modifying the docker image for your use cases

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A guide to saving your time from the most tedious task in the world.

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3 tips for improving your data frame/ graph format

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Your daily life data analysis

A mindset I use to get back my free time

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We all have limited time in our life.

A tutorial to make your machine learning pipeline has more visibility

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To strengthen your company data foundation, let’s do it

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A snippet code for checking your data quality

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The quicker you realize the problem with your data, the better you can deliver a valid conclusion to drive the business.

Explore something new is the best thing you can give to yourself.

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Bio 🔖

Long story short 📝


An enhanced concept for your data analytics presentation

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Time is limited, you have to spend it wisely

Everything has to be well prepared.

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